Actress’ Boyfriend Reacts To Her Appearance In BTS Jungkook’s MV

He was so excited for her!

Recently, BTS‘s Jungkook made his comeback with a new solo single, “3D (feat. Jack Harlow).”

The music video featured, of course, none other than Jungkook and Jack Harlow. But it also included many talented backup dancers and actors. One of the featured actresses, Maddie Dean, also regularly makes content online with her boyfriend, Tal Fishman.


Little teenage me from Ohio would have NEVER believed I would get to be apart of this amazing opportunity 💗

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Tal Fishman is best known as Reaction Time. He boasts 14.6M subscribers on YouTube.

Tal Fishman | Reaction Time/YouTube

Tal Fishman was so excited to see his girlfriend in the music video. Initially, he thought Maddie Dean had only a small part…

Tal Fishman: Is this what I think it is… Is this what I think it is?! Okay… Ahhh! Baby! Wait, is that it?

Maddie Dean: No.

Then he realized she appeared multiple times in the music video, including closeups of her face. He couldn’t believe it!

Tal Fishman: Ahhh, it’s you! Oh my God! You made it in a Jungkook music video.

Maddie Dean: My heart’s still pounding.

Maddie Dean revealed she met Jungkook and Jack Harlow on set, confirming they’re both nice in real life. Tal Fishman was happy for her. Still, he wished he could have met Jungkook too!

Tal Fishman: You met him, right?

Maddie Dean: Yes!

Tal Fishman: Oh my God.

Maddie Dean: And they’re both so sweet.

Tal Fishman: I wanna be in the dance scene. Why didn’t you invite me?

Watch the full video below.

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