Actress Exposes Details Of Her Relationship With A K-Pop Idol — Cheating Suspicions Against The Idol Arise

She reveals his handwritten love letter too.

As an actress spilled on her previous relationship with a current K-Pop idol on a talk show, cheating suspicions arose when a co-host recalled a friend’s close interaction with the same idol around the same time.

Katrina Chan | @katrinapschan/Instagram

Katrina Chan, a 29-year-old actress active in Hong Kong, recently appeared on Talker: What Love You Say, a local talk show exploring topics around love and relationships.

Katrina Chan (middle) on “Talker: What Love You Say” | ViuTV

Katrina went on the show to discuss a relationship she had with a current K-Pop idol before his debut. According to 193, the show’s main host, the relationship started during the couple’s school days. Unfortunately, they grew apart when the guy became a superstar, and Katrina felt he was out of her league.

Katrina Chan | @katrinapschan/Instagram

Before going into the details of their relationship, Katrina revealed some hints as to the identity of this K-Pop Idol.

  • The idol has 50 times more Instagram followers than the host. The host of the show currently has over 598,000 followers, meaning the idol has over 30 million followers.
  • The idol is more a singer than an actor.
  • The idol was with a big agency.

Katrina showed photos of the idol to the hosts, but they were kept out of the viewers’ sight. The hosts immediately recognized the idol and commented that the photos were taken with his agency’s logo in the background and looked like they were from pre-debut. 193 noted that there weren’t any photos of the couple together.

Katrina Chan on “Talker: What Love You Say” | ViuTV

The hosts doubted Katrina’s claims, so she revealed specific details on how she met the idol.

I went to an international school, and so did he. When we were in high school, he would come to my school to play basketball once classes were out because he lived close by.

He wasn’t particularly tall, and he wasn’t particularly handsome at the time, so I didn’t really pay attention to him. He would send me a tremendous amount of messages through MSN, so I was annoyed and didn’t really like him.

— Katrina

Although Katrina didn’t have the best first impression of the idol, things took a turn just before graduation.

I was in grade 12, my final year. He suddenly messaged me, saying he was going to train in another country. I thought that was interesting, so we started chatting.

— Katrina

Katrina Chan on “Talker: What Love You Say” | ViuTV

According to Katrina, the two kept in touch while the idol was training.

His agency didn’t allow him to date. He woke up really early and then trained all day. He only had time to contact me before going to bed.

[Host: So he got in touch with you secretly?] Yes.

We used Skype. I couldn’t tell my mom so I had to do it in secret, too. We would talk about how tough it was for him to learn Korean and what he did during training. He was under immense pressure because he didn’t know how to sing.

— Katrina

Katrina claimed the idol always told her he missed her and how much he wanted to go back and see her. Finally, he had time to go back to Hong Kong for three days and asked her to meet up.

He dressed in hip-hop style but didn’t wear a cap that day…

We discussed how his friends got plastic surgery, and whether he should also get plastic surgery. I told him it wasn’t necessary.

— Katrina

Katrina Chan getting embarrassed talking about the idol | ViuTV

And the date ended with the couple’s first kiss!

We had beef noodles. My breath smelled like beef, so I had some gum…and then, he kissed me!

[Co-Host: Did you ask him if he wanted some gum, and he said he wanted the piece in your mouth?]

Something like that!

— Katrina

She also shared a cute interaction between her and the idol.

We got to the subway station and didn’t want to part ways, so we hung around for a while. We got some photos taken at a photo booth. I asked him to sign it and to remember me when he becomes famous, or else I would sell his autographs.

He also wrote a few sentences saying he was sorry he couldn’t always respond to my messages, he missed me, and he loved me a lot.

— Katrina

Katrina Chan talking about the idol’s written messages | ViuTV

Katrina then revealed the idol trained in New York, and she wanted to attend a university there just for him. Eventually, she went there without him knowing, but by then, he had already completed his training in New York and went to Korea.

To be close to the idol, she went to his agency’s audition held in Shenzhen since she wanted to be an actress. She thought, “If I got into this agency, I would be able to see him too, so why not?” But she failed the audition as she couldn’t dance, and she never told the idol about it.

We still had video calls, but eventually, we didn’t have much to talk about. He had less and less time as he was nearing his debut.

Later, he came to Hong Kong and wanted to meet up, but I couldn’t go. It was when he had already debuted. I didn’t see a future between us.

One day, he unfollowed me. I cared, but there wasn’t anything I could do.

— Katrina

Katrina Chan on “Talker: What Love You Say” | ViuTV

Just as Katrina was finishing up her story, Ashina, a co-host of the show, shocked everyone by revealing a close interaction her friend had with the same idol.

Actually, a friend of mine knew the guy, and he also unfollowed my friend. I think as he advanced more and more in his career, his circle of friends got smaller and smaller. Perhaps he thought he wouldn’t have the chance to get in touch with his friends in Hong Kong again.

I remember one time when I was about 17 or 18, a bunch of us went to sing karaoke. I was sitting with a girl when that guy showed up, but I didn’t know who he was. I left when it got late.

The next day, my friend messaged me and said they had some really close interactions. It caught me off guard. I later learned that he was a trainee.

— Ashina

Ashina (middle) on “Talker: What Love You Say” | ViuTV

Katrina and the hosts then realized the timeline of the stories overlapped. They tried to figure out if the idol was two-timing, but they couldn’t match up any other details from their accounts.

In the end, Katrina said that even if given a chance, she would not enter into a relationship with the idol again as their worlds are completely different now. To put the old relationship behind her, she showed everyone the message the idol wrote to her.

The idol’s love letter to Karina Chan | ViuTV

I’m going to Korea! I’m going to miss you so much! It’s no joke! I’m so busy so I might not be able to text sometimes; I’m sorry!!!ㅠㅠ I will miss you! We’re going to meet again later! I like you so much!! Yeah!

— Idol’s love letter

Currently, there’s no official confirmation as to who this K-Pop idol is.

Source: ViuTV