Actress Go Eun Ah Says She Sniffs Her Dogs’ Butts On The Daily — Here’s Why Though

It’s actually done out of sheer love and dedication.

The latest “Special Episode” of KBS2‘s Pet Vitamin looked back at when actress Go Eun Ah appeared on the show with her beloved pet dogs Gureum (cloud) and Haneul (sky).

Actress Go Eun Ah | BNT

Pet Vitamin presented Go Eun Ah with “The Most Unique Way To Show Love Award” while rerunning the December 2020 episode, which captured the actress checking on her dogs’ conditions by getting really “hands-on“!

In this episode, Go Eun Ah not only picked up both Gureum and Haneul‘s droppings with her bare hands to check the color and texture…

… but also slammed her face up against their behinds to smell them.

When the show hosts reacted with utter shock, Go Eun Ah caringly explained that she makes “a routine out of checking the dogs’ feces” to check on their wellbeing.

I have to see it myself to know how the dogs are feeling. And I touch it with my bare hands to check the temperature. That way I can tell if the dogs went at night or in the morning…

They can’t tell me if something is wrong with them. So I have to be the one checking their droppings, which is — in a sense — their only way of showing me if something isn’t right. Seriously, I’m so busy every morning!

— Go Eun Ah

And there is a reason, aside from the fact that she owns them, that Go Eun Ah is extra vigilant about Gureum and Haneul‘s health.

When I stopped working for a little bit… I was completely drained, mentally. And I couldn’t trust people anymore because I’ve been hurt by so many of them. That’s when I realized though, my dogs were by my side at all times. And they loved me so unconditionally, without any reason. So spending time with them, I was actually able to recover from it all. I’d say that’s why I kind of become obsessive over them too.

— Go Eun Ah

So while picking up dog droppings barehanded and sniffing their bums may, perhaps, seem a bit extreme…

Go Eun Ah with Haneul (left) and Gureum (right). | @koeuna88/Instagram

… a super-dedicated owner like Go Eun Ah is surely going to keep Gureum and Haneul healthy for many more years to come!

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