Actress Go Eun Ah Spent 7 Hours To Change Her Hairline Dramatically — Here’s How

The results are amazing!

Actress Go Eun Ah recently shared that she spent 7 hours just to change her own hairline dramatically. The change was so huge, but it came at a huge cost. She explained how she achieved the results.

Go Eun Ah shared through her YouTube channel that she had underwent a hair transplant. The transplant involves “planting” new hair into her upper forehead to give a fuller look. The procedure is usually done by those that are experiencing balding. Go Eun Ah shared that she was upset about her wide, square-shaped hairline.

She explained that it had been a dream of hers to pull her hair back into a pretty ponytail, but she had been unable to before the hairline procedure. The procedure takes 7 hours on average. For her, she implanted about 3000 strands just to cover up the sides of her forehead. As it can be quite painful, she underwent local anesthesia.

The procedure is a rather common one in South Korea. Other celebrities that have admitted to it include Park Jun Hyung, Lee Hwi Jae, Jung Man Shik and more. Check out her video below.