Actress Go Joon Hee Finally Responds To Seungri Scandal Accusations After 8 Months

She revealed everything.

Actress Go Joon Hee was previously caught up in the Seungri Scandal as a group of netizens began to accuse her of being involved with Seungri‘s prostitution solicitation and illegal drug use at his club.

When news first hit that an actress in her 30s was taking drugs at the Burning Sun club owned by Seungri, Go Joon Hee’s name first popped up in the rumor mill.

The situation worsened when she was accused of being the actress who was “unable to provide sexual services” for Seungri’s foreign investors because she was in New York.

Jung Joon Young: “Okay, so I need to tell the girls to come by 8?”

Choi Jonghoon: “Hey Seungri, (actress name) says she’s in New York.”

Seungri: “Noona went to New York again?”



Go Joon Hee denied both claims and even filed lawsuits against 12 netizens who spread these false rumors. But her image was tainted and she found herself without an agency but an overflowing amount of malicious comments.

8 months since she suffered the undeserved consequences, Go Joon He finally found a new agency and decided to hold an interview once again to fight against the rumors.


She first responded to the claims that she was the actress in Seungri’s chatroom. She once again denied the rumors and claimed she was merely a victim.

I thought at the time, ‘I’m a victim, but why are they demanding that I explain anything? I don’t have anything to confess. I would need to know anything to even begin explaining…’

I thought I was going crazy.

— Go Joon Hee


She stood firm by her actions and never deleted the photos from New York because she didn’t want to taint her treasured memories with the scandal.

I became the ‘New York Girl’ just because of the photos I took on my trip to New York back in 2015. I didn’t erase those pictures even still because they are my memories.

[But after the scandal], I thought, ‘I shouldn’t have gone to New York. I should’ve gone to somewhere in Europe, why did I go to New York?’

— Go Joon Hee


Go Joon Hee’s name was brought up in the first place because of a photo that Seungri uploaded of them at a promotional event.


She clarified that she wasn’t friends with Seungri and only took the photo at his request. She doesn’t follow him on social media so she didn’t even know he had uploaded the photo.

I only went there because of the brand. The CEO of the brand was sitting next to me.

[Seungri] joked that he will only wear that brand from now on, and he uploaded the photo with the tag ‘We’re All Secret Members Of The Brand”. I don’t know. Hashtagging is his right.

— Go Joon Hee


Despite the heartache and pychological trauma that she faced from the false accusations, Go Joon Hee decided to try and be positive. She focused on her strong support system of her family and friends and believes it all happened for a reason.

My family were my greatest support system, and they held on to me strong. There were also my peers who believed me and the CEO of [my new company].

I was able to find out who were truly my friends through this experience.

I’m trying not to think back on this so negatively. I’m going to think that this situation happened to me as an opportunity to mature and think about the past as I continue onto the future.

I’m trying my best to think only positively.

— Go Joon Hee


Hopefully, Go Joon Hee can rest well and only focus on her bright future with this part of her life far behind her.

Source: News1

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