Actress Go Youn Jung Goes Viral For A Unique Mistake During Her First Variety Show Appearance

She had the best response.

Actress Go Youn Jung is attracting attention again, this time for a variety show appearance.

Go Youn Jung | @goyounjung/Instagram

The young actress has been gaining popularity since her debut in the series He Is Psychometric before gaining recognition for her role in the Netflix original Sweet Home. She’s also appeared in other works like Alchemy of Souls and the film Hunt.

While attending the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, the actress went viral for her nervous and panic-filled red carpet walk. Viewers of the award show couldn’t help but be endeared by her “nervous bunny” energy.

Recently, Go Youn Jung appeared on Jang Do Yeon‘s Salon Drip 2, where her adorably nervous energy continued. The actress even admitted to not eating before the show to avoid upsetting her stomach due to nerves.

After their introduction, it is quickly explained why Go Youn Jung is so nervous. This interview marks her first variety show appearance, something she couldn’t help expressing more than once.

Once she settles down enough to give an introduction on her latest project, the Disney+ drama series Moving, everything seems to be going much smoother for the actress. That is until Jang Doyeon asks the production team why they are laughing.

| Disney+

One of the staff reveals that Go Youn Jung is likely used to looking at a camera directly while speaking instead of at the host, something the actress did not know she was supposed to do.

Adorably, Go Youn Jung offers to start over, getting flustered when they say there are no redos.

The hilariously cute moment was shared online and quickly attracted attention for her behavior, with many praising her down-to-earthness.

Check out the full video below.