Actress Han So Hee Rushed To The Emergency Room After Suffering Breathing Difficulties During Filming Of Drama “Undercover”

Get well soon, Han So Hee.

Actress Han So Hee was rushed to the emergency room for treatment after she felt health issues such as breathing difficulties.

| 9ato Entertainment

According to an exclusive report from Sports Chosun, Han So Hee was rushed to the emergency room during the filming of her upcoming Netflix drama Undercover due to difficulty breathing.

Han So Hee felt various symptoms of poor health, including difficulty breathing, during the filming of Undercover.

Filming was suspended, and she was rushed to the emergency room.

There are many action scenes in Undercover, and Han So Hee has been filming many of the action scenes herself without using a body-double as she feels a sense of responsibility for the scenes. We had to halt filming today because she has suffered rib injuries after filming the intense action scenes every day, and finally today, she had breathing difficulties.

She has been transferred to the emergency room for treatment and to maintain stability.

— Insider

Han So Hee is part of the main cast of Undercover, where she plays the role of Yoon Jiwoo, an undercover who infiltrates the police to reveal the secrets behind her father’s death. The drama is led by PD Kim Jin Min, who also produced Extracurricular.


Source: Sports Chosun