Actress Han Ye Seul denies breakup rumors with YG Producer Teddy

Actress Han Ye Seul has spoken up in light of recent breakup rumors between her and YG Entertainment producer Teddy.

For several weeks, there has been concern from fans that the couple, who have dated for nearly two years, were no longer seeing each other. It has been a hot topic of discussion, particularly after many reports of breakups between other celebrity couples, including Tiffany and Nickhun, and soccer star Son Heung Min and Girl’s Day Minah.

But Han Ye Seul has dismissed these rumors with a recent statement from her rep, “We have confirmed with the two, and there is absolutely no problem in their relationship.

Han Ye Seul is currently busy working on the drama Birth of a Beauty, which is her first comeback project after three years. With her filming schedule and appearances in television programs such as Running Man, she has had less time to spend with Teddy, who is also busy as a producer for top artists such as Big Bang and 2NE1.

But sources from Birth of a Beauty have confirmed that when Han Ye Seul is not shooting on set, she often spends her free time with Teddy. “On set, she talks on the phone with her boyfriend all the time, and it makes everyone envious of their love.

Han Ye Seul and Teddy had confirmed their relationship back in 2013. According to her rep, the actress still uses a photo of her and Teddy as the wallpaper on her cell phone and messenger app. Despite their busy schedules, the two continue to display their affection for each other and constantly make time to see one another. “She had a day off on November 24th, so the two went on a date.” According to an online community site, the two were recently spotted on their date in Seoul’s Hongdae.

It seems that this celebrity couple’s relationship is still going strong!

Source: Sports dongA