Girl’s Day Minah releases official statement regarding break up with Son Heung Min

With the news of her recent break up with soccer star Son Heung Min, Girl’s Day Minah has released an official statement via her company Dream T Entertainment on October 16th.

Minah writes, “We were in the beginning phases at the time our scandal was released, but because of our busy schedules and with excessive amount of attention drawn to us, we did not contact each other. As a fan, I wish the best in his soccer career and I, too will focus on Girls’ Day and my individual activities.”

Earlier in July, the news of Son Heung Min and Minah dating was revealed to the K-Pop world, with initial reports reporting the two were just in the starting stages of their relationship and in the middle of blossoming. However, due to their respective career and unsurprising long distance relationship, the two celebrities broke up.

Source: TV Report

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