Actress Hong Soo Ah Confesses That Her Plastic Surgery Helped Catapult Her Acting Career

We love her candidness.

Actress Hong Soo Ah has opened up about her plastic surgery experiences during a recent interview.

Actress Hong Soo Ah | SBS Entertainment News

On April 19, the actress sat down for an interview with Xports News and it was here that Hong Soo Ah opened up about her plastic surgery experience and how she felt about her procedure.

I don’t think negatively about plastic surgery. If you have a health concern or something that’s making you uncomfortable, or you have a physical complex, I think it’s a good way to cure those issues. It’s an opportunity for you to live a new life with a new feeling.

— Hong Soo Ah

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She shared, however, that she’s not promoting plastic surgery with her above statement.

That doesn’t mean I’m promoting plastic surgery. Plastic surgery should always be a personal choice. For me personally, I have never regretted my plastic surgery decisions.

— Hong Soo Ah

Hong Soo Ah before double eyelid surgery | Naver

Hong Soo Ah had previously confessed to her double eyelid surgery during a live broadcast. The actress further shared that without her plastic surgery, her career would have diminished. In a previous episode of Radio Star, the actress shared that her career path in China widened after getting work done on her eyelids.

Hong Soo Ah had previously always been cast as supporting roles before her double eyelid surgery, minimizing her abilities as an actress. Since her double eyelid surgery, however, she has been cast as the lead role in numerous Chinese films and drama series, catapulting her Chinese career.

Poster for “Billion Dollar Heir” | Letv

Hong Soo Ah recently concluded her Korean drama, Phoenix 2020, a 120 episode series that ran from October 2020 to April 2021.

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