Actress Kang So Ra Surprises Fans With Her Surprise Marriage Announcement

Congratulations to Kang So Ra!

Actress Kang So Ra just surprised her fans by announcing her upcoming marriage.

Her agency, PlumA&C shared the news to the public today.

Hello, this is PlumA&C.

We are here sharing news about actress Kang So Ra.

Kang So Ra has decided to get married with her non-celebrity boyfriend who is older than her, based on mutual love and trust for each other.

The wedding ceremony was scheduled for August 29, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic worsening in Korea, has been cancelled. Instead, she will replace it with a simple ceremony where the couple and their immediate families will be in attendance.

In consideration of the bride to be, her family, and the husband to be and his family, who are not celebrities, other details will be kept private. Please understand.

Kang So Ra will continue to greet her fans with good works and promotions as an actress.

Please send your blessings and support to Kang So Ra, who is about to start a new chapter of her life.

Thank you.

— PlumA&C

Kang So Ra debuted in 2009 in the movie 4th Period Mystery and became known to the public after acting in Sunny. She continued to make a name for herself through Dream High 2, Doctor Stranger, Misaeng, and many more popular films and dramas.

Source: Osen