Actress Kim Hee Sun To Reunite With Jackie Chan After 18 Years

They once made an iconic pair.

Even the newest K-Drama fans might be familiar with actress Kim Hee Sun, given her recent projects such as Tomorrow and Remarriage & Desires. But many might be unaware that she is close friends with the Chinese megastar Jackie Chan, thanks to a movie the two did together in 2005.

Actress Kim Sun Hee | Ilgan Sports

Kim Hee Sun appeared in the Chinese martial arts fantasy movie The Myth in one of the lead roles opposite Jackie Chan. Her casting was a result of her rising popularity in China, and Kim learned to speak Mandarin for this movie exclusively. The film made over $120 Million USD worldwide and is still one of the milestone movies in her filmography.

Jackie Chan and Kim Hee Sun in “The Myth” | Nate News

According to media reports, the pair is supposed to reunite on screen after 18 years. Kim Hee Sun will make a guest appearance in the sequel of The Myth at the special request of Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong.


The director met Kim Hee Sun while visiting Korea to attend the East Asia Future Forum and proceeded with the filming quickly. The movie’s production team first came to Korea to prepare for Kim’s appearance.

The Myth 2 will see Jackie Chan reprise his role as the archaeologist Jack in the prequel. But Kim’s role in the sequel still remains shrouded in mystery.

Source: Ilgan Sports