“One Dollar Lawyer” Actress Kim Ji Eun Talks About Working At A Cafe Due To Financial Hardship And Praises Co-Star Nam Goong Min

Kim Ji Eun and Nam Goong Min have starred in four projects together.

Actress Kim Ji Eun who shot to fame thanks to her role in the hit drama One Dollar Lawyer, recounted when she had to work part-time to make ends meet.

Kim Ji Eun | SBS

The actress recently sat down with reporters, where she looked back on the past six years of her career.

Kim Ji Eun, who made her debut in 2016, told reporters that although her first roles were very small, they meant the world to her and expressed the thrill of gradually playing bigger roles.

At the time, I was so thankful for even smaller roles, and they meant the world to me. Then I saw my roles receive lines of dialogue. I can recall how fun and joyous that was.

— Kim Ji Eun

Then in 2019, Kim Ji Eun received her first significant role in the drama Hell Is Other People but then didn’t star in a role for a year and a half. The actress recalled constantly failing her subsequent auditions and falling into a slump.

At the time, I received pretty good exposure and thought I was doing well. However, after that, I kept failing at auditions, and things weren’t working out for me. I was overwhelmed by the thought of things not working out, and I had a difficult time.

— Kim Ji Eun

The actress then revealed that due to financial difficulties, she had moved back in with her parents in Incheon, where she worked at a cafe to survive. Kim Ji Eun confessed that she had even thought about quitting acting.

Due to financial difficulties, I moved from Seoul and back into my parent’s home in Incheon. I spent time working at a cafe and thought I might have to quit acting.

— Kim Ji Eun

Then Kim Ji Eun was recommended by Nam Goong Min to audition for The Veil and eventually joined the cast. After the drama’s success, Kim Ji Eun would then star in Again My Life before reuniting with Nam Goong Min in One Dollar Lawyer, where she appeared in her breakout role as Baek Mari.

Kim Ji Eun talked at length about Nam Goong Min, praising him as an actor and sunbae, and recounted some of the tips that he gave her.

The only way I can describe Sunbaenim is that he is amazing. Nam Goong Min is very good at giving me pointers on how to improve. One of the things he taught me was to ‘Look at the overall picture rather than the scene immediately before you.’ As I work with him, I continue to feel that I need to learn from him. I will become an actor that takes care of her hoobaes just like sunbaenim.

— Kim Ji Eun

Previously, we reported that Kim Ji Eun once asked Nam Goong Min why he decided to help her, and Nam Goong Min answered that it was because she reminded him of himself.

Seeing how you’re so passionate but couldn’t catch a break reminded me of myself.

— Nam Goong Min

Kim Ji Eun’s One Dollar Lawyer has come to an end, to the chagrin of its viewers. The drama was the most watched primetime drama in Korea during most of its run. If you haven’t checked out the drama, make sure you do, as it is incredibly binge-worthy. The trailer for the drama is in the link below!

Source: SBS
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