Actress Kim So Hyun Accused Of Being A “Hanbok Thief” By Chinese Netizens

“Take it off.”

In light of the recent controversy surrounding Chinese netizens claiming that Korean traditions, such as kimchi and hanbok, have actually been “stolen” from China, actress Kim So Hyun‘s recent post wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year was flooded with accusations calling the actress a “hanbok thief.”

| @wow_kimsohyun/Instagram

Along with a photo of herself wearing a hanbok, Kim So Hyun wished her fans a happy Lunar New Year.

Everyone, have a safe and warm Lunar New Year. Happy New Year, everyone.

— Kim So Hyun

But the post was soon flooded with Chinese netizens claiming that the dress belongs to China.

| @wow_kimsohyun/Instagram

Not only did the netizens claim the dress to be Chinese, but they even accused Kim So Hyun of being a thief.

| @wow_kimsohyun/Instagram

I’m Chinese. This is a Chinese traditional dress. Work hard, take it off, the Korean people are thieves. It doesn’t suit you.

— Netizen

Meanwhile, some just thanked Kim So Hyun for promoting Chinese traditional clothes.

| @wow_kimsohyun/Instagram

Due to the continuing controversy surrounding some Chinese netizens claiming that Korea stole some of their customs from China, the comments on Kim So Hyun’s recent post have only fueled the online dispute. between netizens of both countries.

| @wow_kimsohyun/Instagram

Neither Kim So Hyun nor her agency responded to the comments.

Source: The Qoo