Actress Kim Tae Ri Enrages Netizens By Asking For “Free Labor” In Now-Deleted Instagram Post

Netizens were still angry even after she deleted her request.

 Kim Tae Ri’s agency released a statement regarding this controversy, which you can read here.

Actress Kim Tae Ri recently received backlash from netizens over a donation request she made in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Kim Tae Ri | VOGUE Korea

Kim Tae Ri is an actress under Management MMM and has starred in several projects, including The Handmaiden and, most recently, Twenty-Five, Twenty-One.

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In the past, the star has published several vlog videos depicting moments in her daily life. Of her shared vlogs, the last of which was a year ago, only two featured English subtitles until recently.

On May 22, Kim Tae Ri made an Instagram post, sharing that the subs for her third vlog were recently added to the video and that she would be working hard to complete the fourth episode.

Kim Tae Ri’s Instagram post.

While this is impressive, the rest of the comment caught the attention of netizens. When reflecting on the fact that many fans who speak various languages would like to watch her content, the actress introduced a new project consisting of fans volunteering to provide subtitles to her videos.

Before the post’s deletion, if you went to the website mentioned in the post,, you were taken to a Google form that requested information. The request was also made in Kim Tae Ri’s most video comments, with Entertainment MMM announcing they sought volunteers.

While fans fluent in Korean and another language will sometimes provide subtitles or captions for other fans free of charge, translation services are usually a paid job due to the time and difficulty subtitling a single video can take.

It seems Kim Tae Ri and her team are aware of this — in the now-closed form, a question asking how many videos the person would volunteer to subtitle mentions a single 20-30 minute long video could take anywhere from four to six hours to add subtitles.

Netizens were not impressed by this request, stating the actress and her company should not ask for “free labor.”

  • Wow, it’s a real disappointment
  • This is kinda…
  • What’s up with her sense of reality… why is she like that
  • Do you donate your talents in acting too? She really has no clue
  • It’s so…dumbfounding lol
  • She gets others’ talents through donation but earns off the videos? Even if it’s not a channel for profit.. her logic is pretty dumbfounding
  • No but volunteer work through youtube…?? And what’s more is that it’s an issue even if she donates all the profits off the youtube/ this isn’t talent donation but passion pay… but it’s not even passion pay it’s straight up payless

Hours after the posting, Kim Tae Ri deleted the posting from her Instagram account, likely due to the backlash she received. Although the posting is now gone, many netizens are still upset, saying she should have apologized and that their image of her has changed.

  • Totally shatters her image lol. I’m so disappointed.
  • Just because she deletes it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Even if she responds to it, her image is already shattered.
  •  Isn’t she just pretending it didn’t happen? Doesn’t she have to upload an apology or something at least.
  • She used to be an actress I had a good impression of but she’s totally become someone with a bad bad bad bad impression. Who knew she was someone who treated the value of someone else’s work so easily… totally makes me dislike her
  • You shouldn’t be deleting it but apologizing and editing it, Ms. Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri nor Management MMM have updated since the post’s deletion. What do you think of Kim Tae Ri’s request?

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