Actress Kim Tae Ri’s Agency Releases Statement Regarding Recent “Free Labor From Fans” Controversy Involving Subtitles For Her YouTube Channel

They clarified the matter.

Actress Kim Tae Ri recently came under fire for “asking for free labor” when she opened a project to ask fans worldwide to help with subtitling for her YouTube channel.

In a post that has now been deleted from Instagram, the actress requested interested fans to sign up to help subtitle her vlog videos.

While the company offers no monetary compensation, they stated that the fans would be credited in name at the end of the subtitles. Despite this, Korean netizens expressed their disappointment in the actress, calling her out for asking for free labor when she rakes in the profits from the channel.

As a result, her company made an official statement on May 23, 2023, to address the issue. They clarified that the vlog series does not generate profit and that the project was simply a request to help other global fans.

An official statement by the company. | @management_mmm/Instagram

Ultimately, they apologized for the lack of consideration in their initial announcement of the subtitle project and thanked fans. There has yet to be any further update on whether or not the project will be reinstated. The subtitling application form remains closed as of when writing this article.

Source: Management MMM
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