Actress Lee Bo Young Shares Shocking Truth Behind Son Naeun’s “Agency” Casting

Son Naeun won over audiences with her acting on Agency.

Actress Lee Bo Young revealed she had recommended that the production team of JTBC’s hit K-Drama Agency cast Son Naeun.

Actress Lee Bo Young, who cemented her status as one of Korea’s premier actors with the success of JTBC’s Agency, recently spoke with Star News.

Agency is a K-Drama that follows the career of Ko Ah In, played by Lee Bo Young, as she becomes her firm’s first woman executive. The drama was both a critical and commercial success, as its final episode achieved a viewership rating of 16%.

Lee Bo Young in poster for Agency | JTBC

One of the drama’s most beloved storylines involved scenes with Lee Bo Young and Son Naeun. Son Naeun, who plays the daughter of the firm’s president, would prove herself to be an unlikely ally of Lee Bo Young. Despite criticism for her acting in earlier episodes, Son Naeun eventually won over fans and would finish the drama receiving praise for her acting.

During the interview, Lee Bo Young revealed that she had personally recommended Son Naeun be cast in the drama.

I recommended Ms. Naeun. I thought she would fit the role of Han Na well. Ms. Naeun looks extremely trendy, and Han Na seemed like an influencer. Ms. Naeun’s image is glamorous, and she is beautiful. I told the director because I thought Han Na’s character would also be glamorous.

— Lee Bo Young

The actress then clarified that although she recommended Son Naeun, the former idol-turned-actress won over the director on her own merit through an audition.

All I did was recommend her. Ms. Naeun had to audition alongside other actresses that were in the running to be cast. I just thought Ms. Naeun’s image would fit (the character) well.

— Lee Bo Young

As actors recommending other actors isn’t commonplace, Lee Bo Young was asked during her interview if she had a prior relationship with Son Naeun. Lee Bo Young revealed that, shockingly, she didn’t have any prior relationship with the idol.

I didn’t have any relationship with Ms. Naeun. I was talking about Han Na’s character with an acquaintance, and they asked, ‘How about Son Naeun (for the role)?’ After receiving a recommendation from my acquaintance, I looked at selfies that Ms. Naeun had taken of herself, and I told the director, ‘That Son Naeun seems fine (for the role).’ Ms. Son Naeun also knows I recommended her. I only recommended her, but she was the one who went out and had to win the role.

— Lee Bo Young

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Source: star news