Actress Lee El Responds To Criticism For ‘Speaking Out’ Against PSY’s Summer Concert

“If you want to curse, then curse…”

Actress Lee El responded to the criticism she received from netizens for her earlier tweet regarding PSY‘s upcoming 2022 Summer Swag Concert.

Lee El | @2l_kjh/Instagram

On June 12, the actress wrote on her Twitter what she thought would be a better use of the 300 tons of water that is to be used during PSY’s concert.

I wish the waterbomb concert’s 300 tons of water be released into the Soyang River.

— Lee EL

The Soyang River is a river in the Gangwon province and part of the Han River system. The river also serves as a dam. It has been reported that the dam has only 40% of its normal water levels due to Korea’s drought.

Soyang River | Tripadvisor

The comments were made by the actress amid a sleuth of netizens criticizing the concert series for using 300 tons of water.

As Korea is currently in a serious drought, many fans stated the water could be much better used elsewhere.

There were, however, netizens who felt that the concert series was not in the wrong as PSY had legally purchased the water. Netizens who took exception to the fact the actress spoke out attacked her for online for it.

The actress, however, did not shy from her stance; instead she responded to the criticisms with grace.

Fine. If you are angry, express it, and if you want to curse, then curse. Yes. Because we humans all think differently.

— Lee El

Fans, however, were quick to embrace the actress in support.

  • There are those who are concerned and feel just as you do, and I am one of them!
  • If I am mad, I’d rather wait and eat something good.
  • I’m sorry for saying this when we’ve just met, but I love you.
  • I support you Lee El.
  • I’m rooting for you unnie!!
  • Unnie, I love you.


Source: Sports Kyung Hyang