Actress Lee Ji Ah Receives Negative Backlash From Netizens For Looking “Unrecognizable” — Again

“Wow. She must’ve gotten so much work done again.”

Korean netizens reacted negatively after actress Lee Ji Ah looked unrecognizable in her recent appearance.

Actress Lee Ji Ah | @e.jiah/Instagram

Since making her acting debut in 2007, Lee Ji Ah has played some significant roles in extremely popular K-Dramas and projects, including My Mister, Penthouse: War In Life, and many more.

Even on Instagram, the actress has always flaunted serious visuals.

| @e.jiah/Instagram
| @e.jiah/Instagram
| @e.jiah/Instagram

Yet, the actress recently appeared on the YouTube show Zzanbro along with fellow actor Kang Ki Young ahead of their project Queen of Divorce.

During the video, netizens noticed that Lee Ji Ah looked extremely different from the past. Although many thought she was beautiful, they noticed distinct differences in her facial features throughout the video.

In a more comfortable environment with alcohol, Lee Ji Ah’s visuals continued to become a hot topic online.


Korean netizens were shocked at the unrecognizable “transformation” of the actress.

Sometimes, netizens are in awe of changes in celebrities, but the consensus was extremely negative, with many saddened by how she kept doing things to her “beautiful” face and how much her face has changed, assuming it was due to procedures.

  • Seriously, though. Why does Lee Ji Ah keep doing stuff to her already-beautiful face…? Like, let me have it if you’re going to use it like that.
  • I only recognized her after hearing her voice.
  • Lee Ji Ah can’t leave her face alone, huh? She was so pretty in My Mister.
  • So many drinking shows… I think they should all cut down on alcohol a bit, TBH.
  • [In response to her comment about finding non-drinkers uncomfortable] Yeah… People who don’t drink find you uncomfortable, too.
  • Lee Ji Ah looks so young for her age.
  • Why do I keep seeing traces of Ha Ji Won on her face?…? That’s Lee Ji Ah?! What happened to her face since My Mister?
  • Her face changed. Again.
  • You mean that’s Lee Ji Ah…? I don’t recognize her. She looks so different.
  • Wow. She must’ve gotten so much work done again.
  • Who?
  • Who even is that…

Lee Ji Ah has always been praised for her acting and visuals. Yet, with netizens pointing out the constant changes in her looks, it’s not surprising that fans want her to stop doing work because she has always been beautiful.

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