Actress Lee Si Young Reveals Weight And Body Fat Percentage, Netizens Shocked

Fans are encouraging her on!

Actress Lee Si Young recently shocked netizens with her muscular body and her InBody test results.

On July 18th, Lee Si Young shared photos of herself working out at the gym with pronounced biceps.


It seems that she has been working out diligently for a specific purpose as she wrote in the caption, “It’s hard to lose muscle and gain muscle…#NotEven2MonthsLeft #Fighting”


A video of herself working her back also showed her significantly-developed back muscles.


Netizens applauded her for the results created through her hard work.


Lee Si Young also revealed her InBody test results and shocked netizens once more. With a weight of 52.4kg at 168cm tall, her body fat percentage was only 14.1% when the average standard was 18-28%.


But even so, Lee Si Young was apparently not satisfied as she stated her goal in the caption, “Until 8% body fat…#ByeByeEating.”


Netizens have been expressing their shock and support for Lee Si Young’s incredible workout progress! Keep up the good work!

Source: Instagram