Actress Lee Yoo Bi Reportedly Cast In Drama Adaptation Of Hit Webtoon Following “Joseon Exorcist” Cancellation

She is positively reviewing the offer.

It has been reported that actress Lee Yoo Bi has been cast in a webtoon.

Actress Lee Yoo Bi | News1

Popular webtoon Yumi’s Cells will be remade into a Korean drama and it looks like actress Lee Yoo Bi has been offered a role. A YTN representative stated that, “Lee Yoo Bi has been cast as Ruby in ‘Yumi’s Cells’ and is currently reviewing the offer.” 

Lee Yoo Bi has been offered the role of Ruby, who is the main character’s co-worker. Her character starts with a small misunderstanding of Yumi in the beginning of the webtoon, but eventually goes on to become one of Yumi’s close friends throughout the remainder of the show.

Ruby in “Yumi’s Cells” | WEBTOON

This news comes in the midst of the actress’s Joseon Exorcist controversy. Joseon Exorcist came under heavy scrutiny when they were accused of distorting South Korea’s history and utilizing Chinese props in the drama’s storyline. The scrutiny didn’t end there as the actors who were cast also received heavy backlash. Netizens accused the actors of knowing about the plot beforehand, but did nothing to stand up against it. With many viewers voicing their outrage, SBS eventually decided to cancel the drama.

Lee Yoo Bi at press conference for “Joseon Exorcist” | SBS

In related news, actress Kim Go Eun has been confirmed to play the role of Yumi for the upcoming drama adaptation of the webtoon. Yumi’s Cells follows the story of Yumi, who is an office worker living an ordinary life who struggles to express her different emotions.

The drama adaptation of Yumi’s Cells is set to start filming sometime in the first half of 2021.

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