Actress Lee Young Ae Captured Shedding Tears At The Gravesite Of Baby Jung In


Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

South Korea’s top actress Lee Young Ae was recently photographed at the gravesite of Jung In shedding tears.

| Naver

In a case that shocked the entire nation, the story of Jung In has been circulating online due to its disturbing details. The story, which was highlighted on Unanswered Questions caused an outrage amongst the public. Jung In was physically, mentally and emotionally abused for months by her adoptive parents before passing away in October of 2020. She was only 16 months old. This heartbreaking tragedy has caused celebrities throughout the nation to cry out for her as they seek justice on her behalf. Amongst them is actress Lee Young Ae, who is a mother to two young daughters herself.

Actress Lee Young Ae | Dong-A Ilbo

The actress was captured shedding tears at Jung In’s gravesite on January 5th, along with her two children and husband. She went without the accompaniment of her manager, showing her sincere heart of mourning. Lee Young Ae is known within the entertainment industry for her compassionate and tender heart, as she she continues to be quietly active with her donations to numerous charities.

Actress Lee Young Ae with her two daughters | Dong-A Ilbo

Hashtag #imsorryjungin has been taking over the internet by the public to relay their apologies in not being able to protect Jung In. Numerous celebrities have taken part in sharing the hashtag, bringing more awareness and urgency to the case. The adoptive parents, who were caught with over 800 disturbing videos that showed abuse towards the child, will be tried in Jung In’s wrongful death. The public is also calling for the Yangcheon Police Department to be tried as they were given three opportunities to save Jung In’s life but instead, dismissed each child abuse report. They only acted after she had passed away from her injuries.

Jung In | JoongAng Ilbo

With Jung In’s child abuse case going to trial on January 13, we can only hope that she will get the justice she deserves. May the beautiful angel rest in peace.

Source: Dong-A Ilbo and MBC