Actress Lee Yu Bi Formally Presses Charges

Lee Yu Bi has pushed through with the charges.

The Rose‘s Kim Woosung and actress Lee Yu Bi have been swept up in dating rumors since November 2019, when they were both at the same schedule in Paris. It has since been denied by their agencies. At that point in time, the news was denied and Lee Yu Bi declared that she would be pressing charges against slander and malicious comments but had not followed through.

On the 19th of June 2020 however, Lee Yu Bi’s agency, Y-Bloom, had declared they have pressed charges for the spreading of rumors amongst other malicious comments left by netizens, as well as for the violation of privacy, slander, even sexual harassment at the Yongsan Police Station.

All this while, Lee Yu Bi’s personal Instagram had been flooded with comments about the dating rumors with The Rose’s Kim Woosung as they were speculated to have been dating, by a post on an online community. Lee Yu Bi had officially commented then, that “the dating rumors are completely false” and that “they were just acquaintances”.

Due to the difficulties she had faced in the past two months, Lee Yu Bi decided to be firm in pressing charges. Haters had created various usernames to leave the exact same comments on her Instagram that attacked her personally as well as sexually. As the intensity of the comments rose, her agency could not sit back anymore and formally went through with the charges, capturing all the malicious comments and submitting them.

Her agency declared they would not be forgiving any one of these commenters, given that they had violated the precious space used to communicate with fans, and given their artist stress and mental harm.

On the other hand, Lee Yu Bi has been resting after she had concluded her successful hosting gig on KBS 2TV‘s “Follow Me” season 12.

Source: Daum