Actress Moon Ga Young Rumored To Star In New Project — Alleged Male Co-Star Hit With Mixed Opinions About His Appearance

“He’s not even ugly…”

Actress Moon Ga Young is rumored to star in a huge new project, but netizens have mixed reactions about the male star also in talks to star alongside her.

Actress Moon Ga Young | @m_kayoung/Instagram

Moon Ga Young has quickly become one of the hottest stars, whether it’s her roles in hit K-Dramas like True Beauty or as an ambassador for Dolce & Gabbana.

Moon Ga Young in “True Beauty” | Netflix
Moon Ga Young for D&G | @m_kayoung/Instagram

Rumors have been circulating that Moon Ga Young is in talks to star in a Korean remake of the hit Chinese movie Us And Them.

A photo from the OG Chinese movie | IMDb

Along with Moon Ga Young, there are rumors that her male co-star might be Koo Kyo Hwan.

Koo Kyo Hwan | Netflix

Since debuting, the actor has showcased his versatility in a number of hit K-Dramas, with many recognizing him from D.P. and also his cameo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The actor alongside Jung Hae In in “D.P.” | Netflix
His cameo in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” | Netflix

When the initial tweet was shared by a large X account…

It seemed to garner mixed reactions. Some seemed to not think that Koo Kyo Hwan’s visuals matched up to Moon Ga Young’s, while others complained about the “age gap” with the actor being 41 years old and the actress being 27 years old.

Yet, netizens quickly hit back at netizens’ “mean” comments about the actor. In particular, while many cemented that Koo Kyo Han is definitely not “ugly,” they explained that it would be great if actors could be chosen because of their amazing acting rather than just being “handsome.”

Regarding the age gap, fans pointed out that Ga Young has worked with co-stars with an equally big age gap.

While many think being handsome is key to being an actor, sometimes it means more than that. Although Koo Kyo Hwan might not meet the Korean standards of handsomeness, he is truly good-looking for so many fans and has amazing acting to back it up.

Source: SportsChosun and SpoTV