Actress Nam Bo Ra Confesses To Paying School Tuition Fees—For Her 13 Younger Siblings

She took on the role of being her family’s breadwinner.

Nam Bo Ra has gone on to become one of South Korea’s well-respected actresses, with her talented acting abilities and her adorable visuals. The actress—who has been featured in dozens of productions, including Moon Embracing the SunSunnyOnly Love, and more—made a name for herself within the industry, resulting in her popularity.

However, the most recent news regarding the actress had nothing to do with her career, but rather her personal life.

Actress Nam Bo Ra.

On the most recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, Nam Bo Ra made an appearance as one of the show’s guests and it was during her time on the talk show that the actress shared details about her family—her 13 younger siblings to be exact.

Nam Bo Ra (far right, middle) with her 10 siblings (3 not yet born) | SBS

She first shared the hilarious, baffling, and “dramatic” story of how she came to meet her youngest 13th sibling. The actress revealed the that she wasn’t aware of her mother’s pregnancy at the time and that one day, she came home to see an “unfamiliar baby.”


The story of how our final maknae was born was quite dramatic. I was unaware that we were having another maknae, so I took care of my 12th sibling as the true maknae. I bought him the most expensive, best things I could since he was the last sibling. I wanted to do my absolute best for him. But one day I went home and I saw an unfamiliar baby.

— Nam Bo Ra

The actress continued her story by revealing the reason why she missed her mother’s pregnancy at the time, and her true feelings about having yet another sibling.


This was when I was a college student so I was busy going back and forth from school to home. I was unaware of the things going on at home at the time.

I became really flustered [after seeing the baby]. I thought to myself ‘who is this? Whose baby is this?’ Do I have to raise another child?’ In the beginning, I really hated the situation, so I didn’t take care of him at all. I told my mom that she should raise him.

— Nam Bo Ra

And while Nam Bo Ra shared her love for all of her 13 siblings, it was in another interview with TV Chosun that the actress revealed the harsh reality of being the oldest sibling. The Sunny actress confessed that all the money she made during her time as an actress was spent on her siblings’ “school tuitions.” 

| Jellyfish Entertainment

Following the airing of Radio Star and TV Chosun’s interview, many netizens began to express their pity for the actress, but Nam Bo Ra made sure to let everyone know that she didn’t want people to feel sorry for her.

I saw that many people pitied me once they found out where my money was going. When I was younger, I felt like I was being sacrificed and I was losing everything. However, as time passed and I had more time to think about the situation, I realized that I should be grateful for my financial ability. Following that, I was able to take on the responsibility with greater acceptance.

— Nam Bo Ra

You can watch Nam Bo Ra’s entire portion on Radio Star down below.

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