Actress Park Bo Yeon Uploads Hate Comments She Received From Alleged ASTRO Fans

Park Bo Yeon was alleged to have dated former ASTRO member Rocky.

Actress Park Bo Yeon, who was swirled up in dating rumors with former ASTRO member Rocky, shared hate messages she received from alleged fans of the group.

Park Bo Yeon | maeil anjun shinmun

On March 7, the actress uploaded the malicious comments that she received to her Instagram story. In the messages, netizens can be seen spewing hate towards the actress and even attempting to call her.

| @parktigger/Instagram

  • “Respond to my message and pick up my calls, f@ck!”
  • “I hate you so much. You destroyed everything. Don’t expect your life to be happy.”

Another netizen reportedly face-timed the actress several times and messaged the actress that she needed to pick up and apologize.

According to reports, the hate comments stem from her dating rumor with former ASTRO member Rocky. The two were alleged to have been dating last October.

ASTRO’s Rocky Confirms He Is Dating Actress Park Bo Yeon… But She Denies It

At the time, Park Bo Yeon’s side denied the rumors stating they were “Good colleagues,” however, Rocky’s side seemingly admitted to the dating rumor.

(Rocky) has good feelings for Park Bo Yeon, and the two are getting to know each other.

— Fantagio

On January 28, Rocky officially left ASTRO. The reasons for his departure have not been revealed.

Fantagio Announces Rocky Will Leave ASTRO And The Company

Source: wikitree and mydaily