ASTRO’s Rocky Confirms He Is Dating Actress Park Bo Yeon… But She Denies It

One side confirmed it, the other side denied it.

ASTRO‘s Rocky has confirmed the rumors that he is in a relationship with actress Park Bo Yeon, but her side has denied the reports.

In a statement from Rocky’s agency Fantagio to various media outlets including Xportnews, Fantagio confirmed the two are in the stages of getting to know each other in a relationship setting.

ASTRO’s Rocky

Rocky and Park Bo Yeon are currently in the stages of getting to know each other slowly with good feelings.

The two first got to know each other through Find Me If You Can and since then, Park Bo Yeon and Rocky naturally got close and she participated in Rocky’s musical works. They recently confirmed their feelings after working together as colleagues.

We are sorry to say this during the national mourning period when we are all sharing this sadness together. As a result, we ask for your understanding that our announcement was delayed.

— Fantagio

On the other hand, Park Bo Yeon’s agency Management Koo denied the rumors in a statement to Sports Seoul, saying that the two are just close friends.

Park Bo Yeon | Management Koo

Park Bo Yeon and Rocky are good friends who worked together in the same show.

— Management Koo

Netizens believed the two were dating after community reports stated that the two were spotted together watching the musical The Three Musketeers. It was also pointed out that she was credited with writing the lyrics to Rocky’s solo song “S#1.”

Source: Xportnews and Sports Seoul
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