Actress Park Ha Sun Reveals Just How Much She Loves BTS, And Here’s Why She Is A True ARMY

She had heartwarming words about BTS!

When it comes to fans, BTS is definitely not short of them. The group has even gained a long list of A-list fans from countries across the world, including singers, athletes, and actors. With their stunning vocals, dazzling visuals, and charming charisma, it is no surprise that people love them.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

One actress in particular who has never been afraid of sharing her love for BTS is Park Ha Sun!

Previously, she shared her love of the group during an Instagram Live and a VOGUE Korea interview, where she proudly showcased her Jin headphone case, which is as cute as expected.


Park Ha Sun was recently a guest on MBC’s show, Omniscient Interfering View. During the episode, the cast watched the actress during her usual schedule. The eagle-eyed comedian Lee Seung Yoon immediately saw the headphone case and her BTS phone case in the corner of her desk.

After noticing the case, Park Ha Sun had the cutest response to the statement, adding, “Whenever I get stressed out, I get energized (seeing BTS).”

Lee Seung Yoon then pointed out that he is also an ARMY, and the two greeted each other, with the comedian saying, “Borahae,” which is the Korean word for “I purple you,” which was made by V.

During the clip, the cast saw Park Ha Sun watching a BTS music video in a study cafe, and according to her manager, this was a common thing. He explained, “She loves BTS, so she watches their MV in a studying cafe.

They also saw her interview with VOGUE KOREA, and the certified BTS fan Lee Seung Yoon noticed her phone case, and he even showed off his own case, cementing his ARMY status.

Oh, that was very hard to buy. It’s limited edition. You cannot buy it now.

— Park Ha Sun

Throughout the years, ARMYs have noticed that Park Ha Sun is a definite BTS fan, and even those around her admit it. In 2020, her husband, actor Ryu Soo Young, also emphasized her love after joking that he would never be able to live up to her bias, who is Jin!

With her BTS merch and love for the group, there is no denying that Park Ha Sun is a certified ARMY, and the same could be said for Lee Seung Yoon. With BTS spreading their love of music and positivity through their songs, it is no surprise that everyone is falling in love with them.

You can watch the whole clip below.

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