Actress Park Ha Sun Sued Her Hate Commenters But Their Identities Left Netizens Surprised

She was reluctant to press charges thinking the people must be pitiful but their background information proved her wrong.

Actress Park Ha Sun, best known for her roles in dramas such as Dong Yi and High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged, has been in the industry for over a decade. Her impressive career has drawn in many fans and, inevitably, some haters. The actress had to deal with malicious comments and rumors from such people. So, in March of this year, her agency announced that they will be taking legal action against people who spread false information or left inappropriate comments for her.

Park Ha Sun

While talking about the lawsuit that her agency filed against the anti-fans during a recent interview for her upcoming film First Child, Park revealed that one of the defendants who got sued had met her in person before, claiming to be her fan. This elderly man, whom she referred to as “a grandpa,” had even clicked a picture with her during their meet.

Park Ha Sun in “First Child” | @mintsungrace/Instagram

The actress explained that the decision to sue was not an easy one for her. Apart from the finances of a lawsuit, she also felt a sense of pity for the people who’d leave such comments.

I used to feel bad for them and not take any legal action in the past but I’m not like that anymore. I choose to take action on the ones that cross the line.

—Park Ha Sun

Apart from the old man, Park revealed the backgrounds of two more people in the lawsuit—a university professor and a woman in her 30s.

Netizens were taken aback by the fact that a professor or an old man posing as a fan could stoop so low just to hate on someone.


  • “Wow, a college professor is behaving like this? Someone who’s supposed to be teaching college students, participating in research, who should be too busy to even be leaving hate comments on celebrities at all? Are they really a professor? They have nothing better to do? Good on Park Ha Sun for taking action.”
  • “That professor must really have nothing else to do ㅋㅋㅋㅋ totally ruins my image of them.”
  • “No need to hold back. Celebrities are human, too. Take as much legal action as you need.”
  • “A university professor, a grandpa? These people left hate comments?… They aged in vain. Old age doesn’t correlate with maturity.”

All the hate commenters of Park have been fined and the actress is gearing up to make her big screen return with First Child. In the movie, she plays the role of a 30-something Jeong Ah, who faces numerous trials at work and home after giving birth to her first child.