Actress Park Min Young Seemingly Addresses Her Dating Controversy During Her Acceptance Speech At The 2022 Asia Artist Award

“I will keep my promise, no matter what.”

Actress Park Min Young seemed to speak on her dating controversy during her acceptance speech at the 2022 Asia Artist Award.

Park Min Young at the 2022 Asia Artist Award | Asia Artist Award

On December 13, the actress was awarded the Hot Trend Award and the Best Artist Award. During her first acceptance speech, Park Min Young vowed to show only her best sides as an actress.

This year, I met with audiences through two projects. I believe this award is to say that I’ve worked hard. Next year, I won’t change and will continue to work hard to show you a good side as an actress, thank you.

— Park Min Young

During the actress’s second acceptance speech, Park Min Young seemed to refer to her dating controversy earlier this year.

For me, this year hasn’t been easy. From now on, I will work hard to become an actor that doesn’t disappoint you. I will keep my promise, no matter what.

— Park Min Young

Earlier this year, the actress made headline news when Dispatch released an exposé alleging the actress was dating controversial businessman Kang Jong Hyun.

Dispatch Reveals Actress Park Min Young Is Dating Controversial Bithumb Chairman Kang Jong Hyun

Included in the article were pictures of Kang Jong Hyun and Park Min Young together, as well as pictures of Park Min Young driving vehicles allegedly owned by Kang Jong Hyun.

Kang Jong Hyun (left), Park Min Young (right) |

More troubling, however, were allegations that Dispatch had made in the article in which the media outlet alleged Kang Jong Hyun of fraud as well as questioned the legality of his previous business dealings.

After the article was released, Park Min Young’s agency, HOOK Entertainment, revealed that the couple had broken up.

Park Min Young’s Label Responds To Dating Allegations, Claims The Couple Has Already Broken Up

Watch the actress’s speeches in the link below.


Source: MK | Star Today
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