Actress Park Min Young Drops To 37 Kg — Shocks Netizens With Her Unrecognizable Transformation For A New Role

Fans admired her dedication.

Actress Park Min Young has shocked netizens with her drastic weight loss for an upcoming project.

Park Min Young | @rachel_mypark/Instagram

Throughout her career, Park Min Young has become a firm fan-favorite with some of her most iconic roles, including What’s Wrong With Secretary KimForecasting Love and Weather, and Love In Contract.


Recently, Park Min Young shocked fans with her transformation for the upcoming K-Drama Marry My Husband.

In the webtoon, the main character Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young’s character) is suffering from an unhappy marriage, and it gets worse when she is diagnosed with cancer. In a shocking turn of events, she is taken ten years into the past with a vow to change her life.

A screenshot from the original webtoon

Of course, with such a sensitive role, it would’ve been easy to try and glamorize it. Yet, the impact cancer has on someone is undeniable and the recent pictures of Park Min Young cement her dedication to the role.

As seen in the webtoon, Park Min Young’s teasers show the actress much skinnier and paler compared to her past roles. In particular, her face is considerably thinner, and the image they have portrayed, while emphasizing the impact cancer has on people.

When the pictures were posted, netizens couldn’t get over the unexpected and dramatic transformation. In particular, after it was revealed that the actress had dropped to 37kg for the role, they admired her admiration and dedication in preparing for such a sensitive and emotional role.

While weight is always a sensitive topic in Korean entertainment, Park Min Young’s dedication to showcase the reality of suffering from cancer has unsurprisingly gained a lot of praise.

Source: tvn_drama