Actress Park Si Yeon Gets Into A Drunken Car Accident In Broad Daylight — Park Si Yeon’s Agency Responds

Park Si Yeon’s agency claims that it’s not exactly as it seems.

According to SBS News, actress Park Si Yeon crashed into a car that was stopped at a traffic light in Seoul.

At the time of the incident, Park Si Yeon’s blood alcohol concentration was measured to be 0.097%, which is enough to have her driving license confiscated.

Luckily, no one was injured in the accident, and it’s been revealed that Park Si Yeon admitted to the drinking and driving charges during the police investigation.

Shortly after the report, YTN Star reported the statement that Park Si Yeon’s agency made in regards to the incident.

According to Park Si Yeon’s agency, Park Si Yeon didn’t drink on the day of the incident as the reports may suggest.

She drank the night before, and she assumed she was sober by morning when she decided to drive.

— Park Si Yeon’s Agency

While the agency acknowledges her wrongdoing, they stressed that it was not intentional.

It was wrong of her to drive without realizing her drunken state. But she did not drink in broad daylight.

— Park Si Yeon’s Agency

Source: Dispatch