Actress Park So Dam Blasts A Hater In Her DMs: Fans Disgusted By The Harassment Since 2020

The DMs began when the actress starred in the K-Drama “Record of Youth.”

While the Lunar New Year weekend would have been a great time to channel good vibes for the beginning of 2023, one hater decided to ring it in with some disturbing messages to actress Park So Dam.

Actress Park So Dam | @imsodamm/Instagram

On Seollal (January 22), the Record of Youth lead actress shared a string of direct messages she received from an unknown hater via Instagram.

Bringing up the actress’s battle against thyroid cancer, which led Park So Dam to take an extended hiatus post-op in December 2021, the hater made some atrocious comments in the DM.

A hateful DM that Park So Dam received. | @imsodamm/Instagram

Sunday, 10:48PM

I wish the cancer would’ve spread. Should’ve died. You’re hideous and don’t deserve to be an actress. Tsk tsk.

— Hater

While the most recent message was sent on Seollal, the hater was not new to Park So Dam’s DMs. Their previous messages, dating back to September 2020, also criticized the actress.

Previous hateful DMs that Park So Dam received. | @imsodamm/Instagram

September 19, 2020

I’m [blurred]’s fan but I still don’t watch the show because of you, you hideous b*tch. Haha. Your face is seriously sh*t. I can’t believe you’re the female lead with a face like that. Have some decency. LMAO. You’d rather deal with the hate, huh? Because [blurred] is the male lead, right? Enjoying yourself? HAHA. What a time to be alive.

September 30, 2020

You’re too f*cking ugly to be a female lead. LOL. But I get it, co-starring with [blurred] would’ve made me greedy, too. Haha. You must think Parasite made you the sh*t. But remember that the internet hates you. Come to your senses. Even [blurred]’s fans have given up on the show. Pffft.

— Hater

And while Park So Dam blurred the details of the messages, it became clear to the fans that the hater was talking about Record of Youth and co-star Park Bo Gum.

“Record of Youth” aired in September 2020. | tvN

The actress responded in a civil manner, though she suggested that she’ll keep the messages in case she ends up taking legal action.

The full Instagram story shared by Park So Dam. | @imsodamm/Instagram

Hello, thank you for personally visiting my Instagram account in the new year. I’ll continue to promote more actively. I’ll save these messages, though! Have yourself a happy new year! I would like to live a long and healthy life, by the way. 🥰

— Park So Dam

Following Park So Dam’s post, the actress’s fans (and general K-Drama fans, too) expressed sheer horror and disgust at the hater’s words. In a supportive movement, fans are wishing Park So Dam well—congratulating her on the long-awaited return to the screen with her latest K-Movie, Phantom.

| theqoo
  • “I wish she’d ignore her DMs and not read messages like these… I feel like celebrities in general should not have DMs open. Stars act like all is well but get their feelings hurt like this all the time.”
  • “It’s obvious this person has gone mad, getting too envious for their own good. I hope she sues them.”
  • “What is wrong with people?”
  • “She’s gorgeous, though? She looks angelic like a newborn. Anyway, this f*cking pisses me off. I hope karma bites the hater in the butt, hard!”
  • “This is not too related to the DMs… But let me point out that Park So Dam has such a well-defined face. She looks like a magical fairy IRL. I saw her at an award show and was completely caught off guard.”
  • “But why…? Why do people say sh*t like this?”
  • “Just take them to court, So Dam.”

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Source: theqoo
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