Actress Park So Dam Participates In Rare Press Conference — Speaks About Returning From Her Fight With Cancer

“I will keep my promise, so please be healthy…”

Actress Park So Dam revealed her feelings about returning to audiences after a year of battling thyroid cancer.

Park So Dam | SBS News

On December 19, the actress appeared in a press conference for her upcoming movie Phantom, where she spoke with the media about her return.


The actress spoke honestly and truthfully, first humbly apologizing to fans for causing them to worry.

I am sorry for causing so many people to worry about me. I always tell my fans to be healthy, both physically and internally, but I couldn’t keep that promise, and for that, I am so sorry.

— Park So Dam

The actress then spoke on how much difference a year can bring. Last year around this time, the actress had just gotten out of surgery and wasn’t able to speak, and had difficulty moving. The actress revealed she was happy to be able to return to audiences through Phantom.

Last January, the actress wasn’t able to participate in promotions for her then-upcoming movie Special Cargo due to recovering from surgery. It wasn’t until she made a special appearance during the Baeksang Awards in May that fans were able to see she had become healthier.

Park So Dam at the 2022 Baeksang Awards | SPOTV

Park So Dam also thanked the director for Phantom, stating that it was through his belief that she was able to gather the strength to push through filming.

I met this project when I was really struggling. I kept thanking the director today because he held my hand then, which gave me the courage to grab this opportunity. Although I was concerned due to filming this movie while I was struggling, I was happy that I met good sunbaenims. I will keep my promise, so please be healthy, both in body and spirit. 

— Park So Dam

Park So Dam has already become one of Korea’s most-accomplished actors, playing a lead role in Parasite, Bong Joon Ho‘s masterclass, which became the first Korean film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. The actor is in an elite class of young actors anointed to lead the next generation of Korean cinema.

In January, Park So Dam once again graces the theatres through the film Phantom. Phantom takes place in 1933 and tells the story of a group of Korean nationals held in a hotel and suspected of being spies for the Korean government. The movie features an all-star cast of veteran actors Sol Kyung Gu, Lee Hanee, and Park Hae Soo.

Check out the movie’s trailer in the link below!

Source: SBS News
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