Actress Park So Dam Undergoes Surgery For Thyroid Cancer, Currently Recovering

Get well soon!

Actress Park So Dam recently underwent surgery to treat thyroid cancer and is currently recovering.

In a statement released to the press, Park So Dam’s agency Artist Company shared that the cancer was discovered during a routine health check, and she was operated on to treat the cancer.

During a regular health checkup, Park So Dam was diagnosed with papillary cancer in her thyroid. After hearing the opinions of the medical staff, she has undergone an operation to treat it.

As her long-awaited project Special Cargo is about to be released, she is also very disappointed that she cannot greet the fans who have waited for this project and supported her.

Park So Dam will not be able to participate in the promotional activities for the movie, but we are still cheering for the release of the film. Thank you once again to all of the actors and production staff of the movie who are working to overcome this difficult situation

Park So Dam will focus on recovering her health so she can greet everyone in a healthy state in the future, and we will also do our best to aid her in recovering her health.

— Artist Company

Special Cargo is a crime action film telling the story of a delivery driver who experiences an unexpected incident, and the turn of events that occur following it. It is scheduled for release in theaters on January 12, 2022.

Source: Star News