Here’s How Legendary Actress Son Ye Jin Feels About Motherhood And Having A Second Child

Childcare has been hard but happy for her.

Actress Son Ye Jin recently appeared on pro golfer Im Jin Han‘s YouTube show, Celeb Luv Golf. As Son Ye Jin is an avid golfer, fans were not too surprised to see her make an appearance on the channel.

Son Ye Jin playing golf. | theqoo

During the interview show, the host had to ask about her son. Son Ye Jin gave birth to a healthy baby boy in November 2022. The child is now barely approaching his first birthday. While Son Ye Jin is a fantastic actress and mother, she’s not superwoman. Childcare is just as hard on her as it is for other parents.

Of course there are hard parts about [raising a child], but the happiness it brings you is a happiness that I’ve not felt before in my life. As for [a second child], I’d have to think about it, but kids are so beautiful.

— Son Ye Jin

As Son Ye Jin keeps her son out of the public eye, many are wondering which of his superstar parents he looks like. According to Son Ye Jin, people around them have been saying that he looks like both of them. The upper half of his face looks like her, while the lower looks like her husband Hyun Bin. Although babies’ faces changes constantly, her son looks more like her at this point in time.

Childcare has brought her a whole new lease on life.

I’m living in a whole new world after only working for 20 years. I’m so happy now. I want to take care of my child and be a good wife. It takes up a lot of energy, but despite that, I’m so happy.

— Son Ye Jin

Left: Im Jin Han. Right: Son Ye Jin.

There’s some good news for fans too. While she continues to take care of her family, she doesn’t have plans of retiring. Although she’s taking a break now after giving birth, she wishes to greet fans soon through a good piece of work.

Source: Sports Chosun and Im Jin Han