The Actress Who Was Stabbed By Her Husband Had Called Police Twice Hours Before The Attack

The police were called three times in total.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm and violence that may disturb some readers.

There has been a shocking revelation in the case of an actress who was stabbed by her husband. It has been reported that the police had been called, due to the husband, three times in the hours before the attack occurring.

On June 15, news outlet Joong Ang Ilbo reported that the actress had called the police on June 13 at 11:43 pm. When the police arrived, the actress told them she wasn’t physically harmed and asked that they just remove the husband from her home.

The actress’s husband, who lived separately from her, was removed from the actress’s home and ordered to stay away from his wife. The husband, however, tried to force himself into the actress’s home in the early morning of June 14. The actress called the police a second time, but the husband was gone when the police arrived.

Once the police left, the husband called his wife and threatened he would commit suicide. The husband is reported to have then stabbed himself in the leg. A passerby witnessed the husband harming himself and called the police. The police then helped the husband to the hospital, where he received treatment.

The husband then returned to the actress’s home and waited for her to leave her home to take her daughter to school. When the husband saw his wife, he then stabbed her several times.

According to reports, the wife is said to be receiving treatment and her wounds are not life-threatening. The husband is currently in the hospital and is facing charges of attempted murder. It is reported that there will be further investigation once the husband recovers from his injuries.

Source: Joong Ang Ilbo