Adjustments Made To BTS’s Performances For Saudi Arabia For Local Customs

BTS went above and beyond in preparing for the Saudi Arabia concert.

In preparation for their Saudi Arabia concert, BTS announced that they had modified the choreography in consideration of the Islamic culture.

Many fans guessed that the choreography for “Baepsae” would be modified due to the thrusting move in the dance.

J-Hope modified this dance move with his cuteness by making a cute heart pose for the fans.

RM on the other hand, showed the original choreography without any modifications. Fans believe that RM probably got too carried away with the song and forgot that the dance was modified. It’s no wonder considering he’s always hyped even during practice!

For Jimin’s “Serendipity” performance, his shirt grab move was modified to a simpler dance move that did not reveal any skin.

J-Hope also showed-off a bit of “Chicken Noodle Soup” choreography in the middle of singing “Just Dance.”

Unlike other performances, the group made less physical contact with one another and did less funny or mischievous behaviors on stage.

Also throughout the concert, the group did not bow and instead only waved their hands. The reason was because in the Islamic culture, they believe that they should only bow only to Allah.

Many people felt that BTS and Big Hit Entertainment had spent a lot of time preparing for this Saudi concert.

For those that weren’t able to make it to the concert, take a look at what went down in Saudi Arabia.

Jimin, whose birthday is on October 13, received a special birthday celebration from fans during the concert as well.

BTS truly gave their best on stage to thank ARMYs for their patience in waiting for them.

Source: sbs news