BTS’s Jimin Reveals How He Felt About His Surprise Birthday Celebration In Saudi Arabia

“How did the members even think of such an event?”

During BTS‘s concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, members and ARMYs surprised Jimin, whose birthday is on October 13, by singing him the happy birthday song in Arabic. Jimin was caught completely off guard and became uncontrollably happy about the thoughtful surprise!


Shortly after the concert, Jimin went live on broadcast and shared the whole story behind the members’ special “gift” and how he felt about the whole experience. He commented, “I had no idea what was going on.”

Out of the blue, the members began singing a song that I didn’t know…

— Jimin


At first, Jimin grew anxious because he thought he had missed out on something during the rehearsal.

I was like, ‘Wait, this isn’t something we talked about doing…’ But they kept singing and singing. And I was like, ‘What…’ I just thought I should’ve paid more closer attention during the rehearsal and double checked everything… Anyway, I just began singing along — lip syncing whatever I could…

— Jimin


Then, Jimin began to recognize the song a bit more. Because Jimin truly had no idea it was meant for him, he guessed it was some sort of a celebratory song.

I was mumbling along… when I realized I’ve heard the song before, right? So I immediately guessed it was like a New Year’s song. I kept listening and playing along… but I realized it’s kind of too early to be celebrating the New Year too…

— Jimin


Only when Jimin heard his name, he realized it was the “Happy Birthday” song in Arabic meant all and only for him. Jimin shared that he was overwhelmed to have been congratulated by so many people, in the stadium and watching over the internet.

Then I heard Park Jimin. Once I heard my name, I was like, ‘What?!’ That’s when I caught on to what was actually happening. It was fun! How did the members even think of such an event?

— Jimin


Jimin also explained that the members later told him that they planned the surprise while Jimin was away on stage by himself to rehearse “Serendipity”. In the end, the plan worked 200% and Jimin was completely touched!

When we were rehearsing, I had to rehearse my ‘Serendipity’ performance. The members told me that they planned it all while I was away by myself. You lovely people!

— Jimin


Jimin thanked the members and ARMYs once again for creating one of the fondest memories in Saudi Arabia.

It was a huge celebration with everyone watching live. I was so happy. Thank you so much again!

— Jimin


Watch Jimin’s unforgettable surprise birthday party here: