ADOR Comes Under Fire For The Shocking Price Of NewJeans’ New Light Stick

“They should have at least made it look expensive…”

Netizens criticized the high price of NewJeans‘ light stick.

NewJeans | ADOR

On April 5, a netizen’s post on an online community went viral. The post titled, “Is The Price For NewJeans’ Light Stick Real??” has garnered over 99K views.

In the post, the author uploads a picture of the light stick and criticizes its’ price.

NewJeans’ light stick | nate pann

This is so cute, but it’s crazy to pay that much for one light stick. It becomes even more expensive if you buy parts for it. What is the lightstick made out of to justify this price? Why are they selling it for such expensive prices? The light stick costs ₩49,000 KRW (about $37.30 USD), and additional parts cost ₩15,000 KRW (about $11.40 USD). Buy them together and it costs ₩60,000 KRW (about $45.60 USD).

— Author of the post

Netizens reacted to the price, with many agreeing with the author of the post. Many netizens stated that the price of the light stick was high, but many pointed out that due to NewJeans’ popularity, the light sticks are probably going to sell out.

  • “At these prices, they should have at least made it look expensive. That looks like a 5-dollar mood lamp you can buy at Daiso.”
  • “Regardless of what we say, everyone is going to buy it. Seriously, it will sell out in five seconds.”
  • “Even if it is expensive AF, it’ll sell out immediately due to NewJeans’ power.”
  • “That looks so cheap.”
  • “They take advantage of fans because they’ll buy it no matter what.”
  • “₩60,000 KRW (about $45.60 USD)? They are crazy.”
  • “Huh? It’s not like it has a design inside or anything. It’s so expensive.”
  • “Seeing how the label goes overboard with security and the light stick prices…. I think the label is trying to make the group seem more exclusive, like designer brands. Although the group has already become a super hit and the public already is in love with its members.”

Previously, NewJeans’ label, ADOR, was criticized for allegedly mistreating fans when a fans’ list of grievances against the label went viral.

Controversy Erupts When A NewJeans Fan’s Post Listing Alleged Mistreatment From ADOR Goes Viral

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Source: nate pann
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