ADOR’s Min Hee Jin Claims ILLIT Isn’t The “Problem” When It Comes To Them “Copying” NewJeans

It comes from previous statements about the newly debuted group.

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ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin explained that ILLIT is “Not the problem” during her press conference on the feud with HYBE.

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Min Hee Jin at the press conference

When the details about Min Hee Jin’s “feud” with HYBE started, the ADOR CEO gained attention for comments about groups “copying” NewJeans, and one group mentioned was ILLIT.

The members of ILLIT | @ILLIT_official/Twitter

When the feud first came into the public eye, Min Hee Jin gained criticism after claiming that some of her grievances came from ILLIT “copying” NewJeans when they debuted.

Min Hee Jin Fires Back At HYBE, Exposes ILLIT In Damning New Interview

During the press conference, while the members were brought into the drama, Min Hee Jin explained that ILLIT wasn’t the problem but blamed the adults around who made them a “copy.” She added that the statement made her look like someone who said something “strange.”

ILLIT isn’t the problem here. It’s the adults who made them copy. They didn’t talk about this properly and just made me someone who said something strange. It’s a breach of trust for just overlooking it and ignoring it. They say they are a multi-label system, but they don’t let me have an independent voice.

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She didn’t refute claims about the “copy” and continued to speak about the “imitation” of NewJeans and the damage it causes.

If someone succeeds by imitating someone else, those who don’t have the same thing are let down. Then everyone becomes NewJeans. It’s bad for us and the industry. It has a negative influence on the industry. It causes damage to shareholders, so how can we ignore it?

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The previous comments came as Min Hee Jin allegedly stated, “HYBE’s chairman, Bang Si Hyuk, produced ILLIT’s debut album. ILLIT’s copy of NewJeans was not done by BELIFT LAB but by HYBE. Ironically, the achievements made by ADOR and NewJeans were most undermined by HYBE.”

Source: KBS News

HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

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