Netizens Criticize ADOR Min Hee Jin’s Visual Appearance At The Press Conference

“She’s playing the audience…”

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Min Hee Jin‘s appearance at the press conference regarding her “feud” with HYBE has some netizens believe she’s manipulating the press and public for sympathy.

ADOR Min Hee Jin | HYBE

On April 25, a press conference was held about what has been happening.

As Min Hee Jin walked into the press conference, netizens were shocked by her look. Considering the seriousness, they were surprised she was seen looking “disheveled” and wearing a green striped t-shirt and baseball cap.

After speaking directly to the cameras and saying how they were impacting her, Min Hee Jin seemed to be “crying” as the cameras continued to take photos.

Throughout, Min Hee Jin’s presence didn’t seem like someone who was at an important press conference, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

When the photos and videos were shared online, and netizens watched live online, Min Hee Jin’s look didn’t go unnoticed.

Yet, while some thought that she might be “struggling,” most netizens believed it was done on purpose. Considering that she organized the press conference, netizens believed it was all done to garner the sympathy of the media and fans watching. They thought her actions, from the “crying” to the interactions with the camera, were all “media play.”

While Min Hee Jin didn’t look as many expected, they believed her years of experience in K-Pop meant she was aware that every small detail would make an impact and tried to use that to her advantage.

Source: KBS

HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

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