TXT’s Soobin And Beomgyu Compare Former BigHit Music Producer ADORA’s New Music To Two Pop Icons

All these women have amazing voices!

Former BigHit Music producer ADORA is best known by fans of BTS and TXT for her contribution to iconic songs like “Spring Day” and “Our Summer.”

After years of admiring her work and background vocals, she is finally debuting as her own solo artist.

Now, ARMY and MOA are not the only ones who have thought that ADORA always deserved a spotlight. On Thursday night (KST), TXT’s Beomgyu and Soobin listened to her new song “Make U Dance” during a live broadcast. So, of course, they had to show some love for her debut!

Soobin: Producer ADORA-nim released a new song.

Beomgyu: Yeah, she debuted!

Soobin: Mm-hmm. She was a fantastic producer.

Beomgyu: I promised I would talk about her a bit.

TXT’s Soobin (left) and Beomgyu (right) | TOMORROW X TOGETHER/VLIVE

They remembered times working together and how much she helped them. It also brought back memories of being sent samples with her voice. Even back then, the members thought that she deserved to be heard more.

Beomgyu: Yeah. Personally, though, I’ve always thought her voice needs to be heard more. Like, more people have to hear her stuff. You know?

Soobin: I agree. The thing is, sometimes we’d receive sample versions of our songs recorded in ADORA’s voice. And listening to those, I’d literally think… “This has to be released like this.”

Beomgyu: Yeah, like it’s done. It’s her song. It’s already perfect. It needs to be released as is!


Beomgyu and Soobin even compared it to some contemporary western songstresses for those curious about her new music.

Soobin: ADORA’s voice… She has such an amazing voice.

Beomgyu: So amazing.

Soobin: It’s… kind of reminds me of Ariana Grande’s voice.


While Soobin is reminded of Ariana Grande, Beomgyu compared ADORA’s music to that of Billie Eilish.

You’re right. And a bit of Billie Eilish vibes too, like from the song, ‘Watch.’

— Beomgyu


Now that ADORA has finally made her debut as a solo artist, they really hope others will support her in her debut! It’s been some time coming, but her voice can now be heard.

Anyway, that’s why I always thought she needs to be heard more. I felt like the world is missing out on so much to be hearing her only as a background vocal in our songs. And well, now she has debuted!

— Beomgyu


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