TXT’s Beomgyu Remembers How Former BigHit Music Producer ADORA Helped Him Through A Difficult Recording Session

They’ve been through a lot together!

On Thursday night (KST), TXT‘s Beomgyu held a live broadcast for MOAs and was later joined by leader Soobin. They spent the time listening to music together and talking to MOA.

TXT’s Soobin (left) and Beomgyu (right) | TOMORROW X TOGETHER/VLIVE

Recently, former BigHit Music producer ADORA made her solo artist debut

So, Beomgyu and Soobin wanted to show their support! They ended up playing her new song, “Make U Dance.”

Soobin: Producer ADORA-nim released a new song.

Beomgyu: Yeah, she debuted!


Of course, they couldn’t play her music without memories flooding back from their days working together.

Soobin: Mm-hmm. She was a fantastic producer.

Beomgyu: I promised I would talk about her a bit.


Beomgyu remembered specifically one of TXT’s most iconic tracks, “Blue Orangeade,” and ADORA’s contribution to it.

Beomgyu: So… for our debut album, she produced/sang “Blue Orangeade” with us.

Soobin: Right.


He revealed that ADORA is exactly what we imagine her to be; she couldn’t be more kindhearted! Her personality definitely matches her voice. Previously, Taehyun shared similar sentiments, saying that BigHit Music’s producers have always been available to help them.

And ADORA, she’s a softie. Like, she’s super nice.

— Beomgyu


ADORA was very empathetic to Beomgyu’s struggle when they had to stay up late due to work. It’s not always easy to record.

And she was getting tired and we were also getting tired. Like, I had to record that ‘Someone say, what’s going on’ part for like an hour.

— Beomgyu


While she’s also quite young (only 24), she knew exactly what he needed to do. Unless he took a break, he wouldn’t be able to get the desired results.

Finally, she was like, ‘All right, Beomgyu. You need to step outside.’

— Beomgyu


When he returned to the studio, he was able to talk with her about it. While it was an emotional time for him, she comforted him, even crying alongside him.

Beomgyu: Then we went to her room and talked about why it’s not working and whatnot. And I mean, I got pretty upset too so I started crying. And she started crying.

Soobin: You two cried together like that? Sitting across from each other?

Beomgyu: Yeah.


Because of this, “Blue Orangeade” holds a special place in the hearts of both ADORA and Beomgyu.

Beomgyu: So we both love “Blue Orangeade” so dearly but literally shudder just thinking about it, you know?

Soobin: Well, it was to go on our debuting album so I’m sure she had her ambitions and you had yours.


TXT and ADORA have a great relationship with each other as they’ve been through a lot together. That being so, they continue to cheer on each other’s success despite being in different companies now.

Beomgyu: Yeah. Personally, though, I’ve always thought her voice needs to be heard more. Like, more people have to hear her stuff. You know?

Soobin: I agree. The thing is, sometimes we’d receive sample versions of our songs recorded in ADORA’s voice. And listening to those, I’d literally think… “This has to be released like this.”

Beomgyu: Yeah, like it’s done. It’s her song. It’s already perfect. It needs to be released as is!

Soobin: ADORA’s voice… She has such an amazing voice.

Beomgyu: So amazing.


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Watch part of the live broadcast below:

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