Aespa Stun Netizens With Their Undeniable Visuals And New Hairstyles At Incheon Airport Ahead Of Coachella 2022

Even in unedited images, the members shone!

Coachella might be a global event, but it seems like it has truly become a K-Pop festival after idols and groups have made their mark this year. Along with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie attending the shows, 2NE1 reunited on an epic stage, and GOT7‘s Jackson sent the internet (and BamBam) into meltdown with his performance.

The latest group set to take the event by storm is none other than aespa! It was recently announced that the group will be performing an unreleased song at the event.

aespa | SM Entertainment

On April 20 (KST), the members arrived at Incheon airport to set off for America. As expected, the members were greeted by the press and fans, showcasing their grace, visuals, and elegance as they entered the airport.


Despite their visuals, one thing also caught the attention of fans, and it was that all the members had new hairstyles that seemed perfect with their dazzling visuals.

Even those unedited photos taken by fans just seemed to emphasize the idols’ visuals. Ningning looked stunning with bright blonde hair…

Giselle had gone more natural with an almost chestnut brown color…

Winter opted for an ash grey color for her hair…

And Karina went bright and vivid with a stunning purple! 

As expected, all of the members absolutely shined at the airport, and it isn’t surprising that everywhere they go, their visuals are on show.

Their hair was another huge topic. Although it isn’t uncommon for idols to change their hair, fans rightly couldn’t stop coming up with theories behind it. While some netizens thought that the members might be transforming into their avatars…

Others noticed that staff went with the group and thought that the members might be filming some new content, including maybe a music video, while they are in America.

Considering that aespa has managed to hit the headlines before even leaving Korea, they will undoubtedly continue to steal the hearts of netizens when they perform.

You can read more about the full announcement that aespa will be performing at Coachella 2022 below.

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Source: Newsen/ YouTube