aespa Addresses The Issue Of Birthday Support And Gifts In Official Statement

They released an official statement.

The issue of idols accepting various luxury gifts and extensive birthday support has always been a topic of contention for K-Pop fans.

While some think that fans are free to do what they wish with their money, others frown upon such excessiveness as the idols themselves often earn enough to purchase their own luxury goods.

| SM Entertainment

aespa‘s in-charge recently released an announcement via their official fan community on LYSN. They thanked the fans for their support but announced that the girls would not be receiving presents and support campaigns for any birthday, anniversary or schedules. Support campaigns can often include lunch boxes or food trucks sent to schedule sites. However, it is likely that these will now not be accepted.


In the future, we will not be accepting any support or presents for all of aespa’s schedules and miscellaneous activities such as their anniversaries or the members’ birthdays. While we thank fans for the love that has been given to aespa thus far, we carefully reject any support campaigns that are in the works currently, and we thankfully accept only the heart behind it, from the fans that treasure aespa. We request for the cooperation and benevolent understanding from the fans.

— aespa staff

Many netizens have praised this announcement as a wise choice on the part of the company and the girls.

On the other hand, while many fans still continue to provide their idols with luxury gifts on their birthdays, others choose to donate the money in the idols’ names instead, or simply set up birthday message projects. Regardless of how it manifests, all support campaigns surely convey the deep love fans have for their stars.

Source: theqoo