Aespa Breaks Another Record With Music Video For “Black Mamba” After Hitting 100 Million Views

It’s the fastest for a debut song!

Rookie SM Entertainment girl group, aespa just broke another record!

| SM Entertainment

aespa’s “Black Mamba” impressed everyone, making an incredible impact as soon as they debuted just a couple months ago. There was a lot of anticipation for the new group, as they were SM’s first girl group since Red Velvet‘s debut back in 2014. Over half a decade later, SM finally released information about their new girl group, teasing the public with the members. With their funky avatar concept, netizens were immediately drawn to them.

| @aepsa_official/Twitter

The members KarinaWinterGiselle and Ningning captivated the nation when they debuted on November 17, 2020. Their stage presence and beautiful visuals became the talk of the town, showing their incredible potential to be a top girl group in the future. While they may still only be just a couple months old, the energy that they bring on the stage is that of a veteran girl group. “Black Mamba” is a powerful song with obvious girl crush themes to it, making the girls stand out from other groups. The four members of aepsa showcase their singing, dancing and performing skills to the max with this song.

Still from “Black Mamba” music video | Youtube

The music video has been out for less than two months, but it just hit the 100 million view mark proving aespa’s impressive influence in the K-Pop world. They are the fastest group to hit the 100 million view mark for a debut song. With this achievement, the rookie girl group broke, yet another record. The power that these girls hold is truly on another level. Congratulations to the members of aespa! Check out the “Black Mamba” music video down below.