Aespa’s Winter Gains Attention For Flawless Live Vocals At The “2023 Circle Chart Music Awards”

The queen.

Aespa recently performed a medley of their hit songs at the 2023 Circle Chart Music Awards.

| @wntrult/Twitter

Although all the girls did wonderfully, it was main vocal Winter that gained the most attention! Her live vocals were the talk of town. As the aespa girls don’t often show off their fully live skills due to company regulations, it was a pleasant surprise for fans when they got to hear them sing live.

Of course, Winter’s high notes were super stable…

…but fans were also stunned by her projection range.

Wow, look at Kim Minjung’s projection here. It’s insane.

— Pp_ffle

A fan even made a compilation for all her parts at the show.

There’s truly nothing she can’t do. Winter was praised for being an all-rounder member, with the original post gaining over 50,000 views in just a few hours.

Netizen reactions to Winter. | theqoo

  • “Winter is really a total all-rounder, huh.”
  • “The third video is insane.”
  • “She’s an all-rounder for sure, Winter… I love her.”
  • “She’s good. I hope they can stop looking for Black Mamba and get a good concept.”
  • “Give her a solo… She sings so well…”
  • “She’s really good. The song is really hard in the first place.”

Catch the girls’ full performance below.

Source: theqoo