aespa Stuns In New Promotional Photos For Cosmetics Brand CLIO

Say hello to the new models!

aespa has been selected as the new models for cosmetics brand, CLIO! The position was previously held by Stray Kids. Their first-ever pictorial for the brand dropped recently and they are stunning. Check out how each member rocks their look!

1. Winter

Winter’s palette fits her muted cool tone skin perfectly.

She gives off strong, working woman vibes in the city!

2. Giselle

Giselle endorses a warm tone palette filled with autumn-esque colors like burgundy.

Her look is natural and lovely.

3. Karina

Karina focuses on purple-grey and lavender shades in her palette.

We just love her edgy earrings and earcuffs! She looks like a strong warrior lady.

4. NingNing

The maknae of the group looks mature and glorious!

She endorses the same palette as Giselle but with a completely different appeal. It’s as if Giselle went for the day look while NingNing rocks the night look.

aespa is sure to rock as the new models for CLIO! They suit the brand perfectly.

Source: theqoo