Aespa Honestly Answers If They’re Close To Red Velvet And What It Was Really Like Working With Them

Some may not believe it.

SM Entertainment girl groups aespa and Red Velvet recently released their collab song “Beautiful Christmas,” and the behind-the-scenes video from the MV is finally here!

It included clips of the girls answering questions…

…filming scenes together…

…and talking to one another. For example, they even shared a funny story of the time Winter accidentally opened the wrong car door!

By the end of the video, Winter, Karina, and Ningning reflected on the music video shoot and their interactions with the Red Velvet members. Winter revealed that it was actually the first time she had talked to them, and she found it fun.

During this shoot, I got to talk to Red Velvet members for the first time. It was fun.

— Winter

On the other hand, Karina explained that aespa wasn’t close to any senior K-Pop group—Red Velvet included, even if they’re from the same company. But their collaboration for “Beautiful Christmas” changed things, and she now believes they have gotten “pretty close” to the “Feel My Rhythm” singers.

We aren’t close with any artists who are our senior. I think we got pretty close with them on this occasion.

— Karina

Finally, Ningning excitedly added that Yeri promised to treat them to a meal. Laughing, they joked about knocking on the door of her home to take her up on her offer.

Aespa may not have been close to Red Velvet prior to working on the song, but it seems to be the start of a lasting friendship between the two!

  • Ningning: That’s right. Yeri said she would treat us to a meal.
  • Winter: We are going to visit her home.
  • Aespa: Next time, knock knock. We’ll come over.

Meanwhile, watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube
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